What does make our life happy? What are the criteria to determine that you have this one? It is most probably the question to which the answer has not been found and will never be along with the dilemma which came first, the chicken or the egg? Such type of questions evoke a lot of answers and opinions, they make people do scientific researches to know the reasons and the roots, to understand the essence of the phenomena that are still uncovered by humanity. As a result there are so many different hypotheses that try to prove and to explain the puzzles of the human life. Those people who are far from being scientists can use only their life experience and feelings to describe their points of view and to present them to the public.

As for me I prefer to listen to people which explanations are not based on the scholarly background. It is more captivating to talk to those people who have examples from their own real life and who have passed through a lot of difficult tasks and could cope with them. Due to my profession I have the opportunity to meet with a great amount of people every day. It helps me to see one and the same thing from different sides. I have come to the conclusion that there is no even one opinion which can be similar to the other as there is always something that will not be the same. Just two days ago I met a man who gave me the vision of a happy life and his story was connected with the medicine Alprazolam. On the first sight it is very simple and it proves again and again that if you have a good health you can do everything. All is in your power.

For the last two years he was suffering from panic attacks. They appeared from nowhere and it was impossible to find out the reason for this disorder. I have heard a lot about panic attacks but I couldn’t imagine how they can make a healthy person to become a miserable and pathetic creature. Before I thought that this illness is exaggerated and that it is better to call it as a modern sickness, but not that which can damage one’s life in a week or two. I remember that I saw many times such phrases in the internet as buy alprazolam online or cheap Alprazolam but I didn’t realize what a great suffering stands behind these harmless advertisements. Only this man could explain to me that to live with such a disorder is an ordeal for any human being and we are lucky that nowadays the humanity can create the drugs that can help to survive and to get rid of it very quickly. After he finished his treatment he began to appreciate every moment of his life as now he knows what is meant by the words to be happy.