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The first C-Dory, a 22' X 7'6" "Flat Bottom" was introduced in late 1979 at the Seattle sportsman show. The new boat was a tiny cousin of the Marben semi-displacement hulls being built at the time by Roy Toland Inc. doing business as Marben Marine. The immediate success of C-Dory's original 22' model led to the development of the line into what it is today.

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In October 2000, the Reynolds family, led by Scot Reynolds purchased the company. Scot is currently the President of C-Dory Marine Group, which also purchased both the Olympic Boat Company and Skagit Orca Boats.

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The C-Dory Marine Group has flourished under Mr. Reynolds leadership, and currently builds a full line of boats from the 14' C-Dory Tender and the whole C-Dory line to the all weather Tom-Cat 255 catamaran right on up to the Heavy Weather 22', 24' and 27' Skagit-Orca Cruisers.

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