Thank you for your interest in financing your new boat through Wefing's Marine. Please fill in this form as best you can, filling in all fields to speed processing. At a minimum you must fill in the fields with asterisks (*) but the more complete it is the better we can process it correctly. Then read the Certification and Authorization carefully, and check the "Yes" box (also required) if you agree to those terms, and click submit. It will be sent directly to our President, Marc Grove and he will process it and respond just as soon as he is able. If you prefer to print out the application, fill it in and fax or mail it to us, click here for a printable version.

We reply to all serious submissions, usually within one business day of receiving them. For those interested or concerned, our no fuss privacy policy is simple. We will not share any information gleaned from this form with anyone aside from those needed to secure you financing. We will not put you on any other mailing lists or reply to you other than in the context of this application. Thank you again for your interest and application.

Basic Requirements We can not get financing for anyone who does not have a strong credit history and a minimum true Equifax credit score of 700. If you are not sure you meet those requirements, please just call us or come in to talk with us instead of filling out this form.

We have had some luck placing buyers with local lenders whose requirements are a little less strict or who have the ability to base loan acceptence on an individual basis rather than set-in-stone minimum requirements. We will happily suggest another lender and refer you to local sources for financing, but we don't need -- or want -- to take your credit info to do this.

If you have a co-buyer or co-signer you must submit a separate completed application for each person.
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Banking Information:

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If you have a trade-in you must complete the following:
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Certification and Authorization:
By submitting this application, I certify that all information herein is true and complete. I authorize lending institutions and Wefing's Marine to retain this application, to rely on the foregoing, to check and verify my credit, employment and salary history.
By using our website, you authorize us to investigate the information you have given us and submit it to credit bureaus in order to determine whether you qualify for a loan and how much you qualify for. We will share the information given us with nobody aside from those necessary to obtain the loan. We will share the results of these inquiries with nobody aside from the person making the application.
In the event of approval Wefing's Marine, Inc. will take every measure necessary to verify the identity of the applicant to protect against Identity Theft.
If you have a co-buyer or co-signer you must submit a separate completed application for each person.
I have read the above paragraphs and understand and agree to these terms. Yes   
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