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Wefing's Staff


Marc Grove
131 Highway 98
850 670 8100
850 653 5950
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Marc Grove, the President of Wefing's Marine, came to Florida in 1999 when he and a partner bought the long established but declining business. At that time the business catered mostly to the declining fleet of commerial fishing boats in the area and was filled with old and dusty parts and pieces, many of which were used in the better days of the fishing industry. Marc directed the business toward the ever growing recreational sector and, while continuing to provide parts and quality service to commercial boaters, he has spent the better part of those 14 years establishing and keeping up a well-deserved reputation for carrying some of the very best boat lines available today.

He has expanded and improved every aspect of the business in his ongoing tenure as the Captain of Wefing's ship, and is constantly on the lookout for new and better boat lines that will best serve his clientele and help him continue to grow Wefing's Marine while providing the best boats and the best after sale service available anywhere.

He's been an avid fisherman for most of his life and has adapted well to the Gulf of Mexico's different weather patterns and fisheries after fine tuning the art of catching salmon, tuna, halibut and billfish in the Pacific while living in Northern California.

Email Marc with any questions or feedback concerning the website or the business or boats-in-general using this contact form. Marc reads and individually deals with each email he gets so if you have a question or a legitimate need, send him an email. Of course, he is always available by phone as well and, unless he is busy selling a boat, he is always happy to sit back and talk boats with a prospective or current customer.