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Wefing's Marine, one of the finest full service marine dealerships in the State of Florida, has set sail on a course to become the premier Pilothouse boat dealer in the entire Southeast. We are proud to be authorized dealers for the whole line of Eastern Boats and Seaway Boats as well as the entire C-Dory Group which includes the 25' Tomcat and the entire range of C-Dory Boats.

We believe every one of these boat lines represents the best of its kind available today. With our wide selection, constant research into what is new and available, knowledgeable financing assistance, personal one on one service and continued support, not just until you leave our lot but after the sale and on into the future, we believe we will be able to do the best job possible of fitting you to the boat that is best for you, and helping you get into a boat that is right for you and will provide you with many years of boating and cruising pleasure.

We also understand that living in a somewhat remote, low population "boaters paradise" means folks will have to travel -- sometimes long distances -- to meet with us and spend various amounts of time making the right purchase decision. Therefore we offer arrangements for lodging for our customers and we are ready to spend the appropriate amount of time to satisfy a customers needs in exploring the many options available. We can also arrange deliveries for the convenience of our customers.

We feel that the Pilothouse style of boat is one of the most versatile that exists today. The various models we carry all have one main feature in common: the enclosed pilothouse, which gives the boater protection from the elements in addition to acting as a cabin which can be home to any number of features ranging from simple creature comforts (basic stove, porta-potti) to downright luxury accommodations (large bunks, hot showers, full galley and air conditioning/heating as well as entertainment systems and even a wine cooler on some models). All our models make for great inland waterway cruisers, river cruisers and intercoastal waterway cruisers as well as being very well suited to fishing and fair weather offshore boating. Some of our larger models are well suited to more rough water fishing excursions if blue water big game fishing is your sport of choice or long distance cruising is your passion.

Explore the possibilities of Pilothouse Boats a little more with us. Take some time to look through our web pages and some of the links. You can use the 'search site' links to search the entire Wefing's site. Follow the various links and learn about our offer of free lodging and orientation on board your new boat on the water if you purchase a new pilothouse boat from us.  Check out the various boat sections and read about all the boats we carry. Then call or email us, or better yet, come and pay us a visit at Wefing's Marine...where we Live On The Water.