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Tunnel demo V-Pro on water

sea arks being unloaded by Wefing's Tough, durable, & versatile are words often used to describe SeaArk's line of all-welded aluminum recreational boats. Boat Owners all over the United States rely on multi-purpose SeaArk Boats for fishing, duck hunting, transversing shallow rivers, hauling gear and supplies, moving people and a wide variety of other uses and adventures.

SeaArk Boats is a family owned and operated company, dedicated to building the strongest, safest, and most durable all-welded aluminum recreational boat on the market today.

sea arks being unloaded by Wefing'sAll SeaArk Recreational Boats are built to National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) standards, exceeding United States Coast Guard requirements for safety and construction. Being NMMA Certified means that your SeaArk Boat is better built, has more flotation, and contains NMMA certified components, all of which make a safer boat than a non-NMMA certified product. We use only heavy gauge aluminum for our hulls (.100 and .125) and our ribs, caprails and keels are all formed to be the toughest around.

If you need a Tough, Durable, workhorse of a boat built for a lifetime, contact Wefing's Marine today to see our large stock of models and find the one that best fits your lifestyle.

Visit the SeaArk website for much more information.